Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Proper Elevator Maintenance in a Nutshell

Having your elevator in good working order is vital to keeping people moving properly throughout the building. Below are some essential elevator maintenance tips that will ensure that your elevator will continue to operate smoothly:

1.       Keep careful elevator logs. Having a good record of the operation of the unit is important. This allows you to note how often it is used, how often it is called, and any signs of problems. It is also helpful to write down any unusual sounds or motions that occur when the elevator is moving. This will help the service technician to more quickly diagnose the issue. 

2.       Do inspections each day. This should be done as you keep a daily log on the condition of the elevator. When you do an elevator inspection, you should be sure there is no damage, has been no vandalism and that all is working well at the start and end of each day. 

3.       Replace any equipment that is malfunctioning. Small things can go wrong with an elevator. The bulbs that illuminate the buttons and switches will burn out, or the cab light will eventually burn out. These items need to be repaired by a qualified service technician quickly so there are no mishaps by passengers.

4.       Avoid industrial cleaners. The mechanical parts of the elevator can corrode when undesirable chemicals are introduced. A major cause for mechanical failure in these units is corrosion from such cleaners. 

5.       Never overload! Building cleaning staff often is responsible for putting items that are overweight into the elevator. This can cause faster wear on crucial mechanical parts, which can cause expensive repairs, or much worse, even a danger risk to passengers at some point. 

Keeping your elevator in perfect working order is quite easy, but you do need to follow these five guidelines for the best results. Should you need service or it’s time for a new elevator in VA, call Maryland Elevators at 301-261-3161.