Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When to Have Your Elevator Looked At

If you own or oversee a building that contains ones or more elevators, it behooves you to stay on top of maintenance. An improperly maintained elevator can quickly fall into disrepair and give way to a number of mechanical and safety issues. In the quest to keep your elevators in good condition, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with various warning signs. Catching little problems early on will prevent much larger, costlier issues down the line.

Faulty Door Sensors

Fully operational door sensors are crucial to passenger safety. If your elevator’s doors are unable to sense when someone is entering or exiting, they’re liable to close on people who are in the process or boarding or stepping off. Not only can faulty door sensors result in personal injury, they can serve as the precursor to costly lawsuits. So if your door sensors aren’t quite up to snuff, place a call to Maryland Elevator, the foremost name in elevator repair in D.C.   

Noises and Vibrations

If passengers have complained about audible noises or noticeable vibrations while riding one of your elevators, have the problem inspected posthaste. Noises and vibrations can indicate a number of problems, many of which can turn into major safety hazards. With this in mind, don’t allow anyone to use noisy and/or shaky elevator until the issue has been addressed by a professional.  

Broken Telephone System

Every elevator needs an operational emergency telephone system. If an elevator becomes stuck while passengers are in it, this system may be their only means of alerting the proper authorities. This is why it’s important to test these systems several times a week. If a telephone system proves faulty, declare its host elevator out of service until it’s fixed.   
Elevator maintenance doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Provided you know what to watch out for, you can keep your building’s elevators in peak condition for years to come.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Proper Elevator Maintenance in a Nutshell

Having your elevator in good working order is vital to keeping people moving properly throughout the building. Below are some essential elevator maintenance tips that will ensure that your elevator will continue to operate smoothly:

1.       Keep careful elevator logs. Having a good record of the operation of the unit is important. This allows you to note how often it is used, how often it is called, and any signs of problems. It is also helpful to write down any unusual sounds or motions that occur when the elevator is moving. This will help the service technician to more quickly diagnose the issue. 

2.       Do inspections each day. This should be done as you keep a daily log on the condition of the elevator. When you do an elevator inspection, you should be sure there is no damage, has been no vandalism and that all is working well at the start and end of each day. 

3.       Replace any equipment that is malfunctioning. Small things can go wrong with an elevator. The bulbs that illuminate the buttons and switches will burn out, or the cab light will eventually burn out. These items need to be repaired by a qualified service technician quickly so there are no mishaps by passengers.

4.       Avoid industrial cleaners. The mechanical parts of the elevator can corrode when undesirable chemicals are introduced. A major cause for mechanical failure in these units is corrosion from such cleaners. 

5.       Never overload! Building cleaning staff often is responsible for putting items that are overweight into the elevator. This can cause faster wear on crucial mechanical parts, which can cause expensive repairs, or much worse, even a danger risk to passengers at some point. 

Keeping your elevator in perfect working order is quite easy, but you do need to follow these five guidelines for the best results. Should you need service or it’s time for a new elevator in VA, call Maryland Elevators at 301-261-3161.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Need a New Elevator in DC? Come to Maryland Elevator Services, Inc.

If you need to install a new elevator in D.C. or the surrounding area, you need look no further than Maryland Elevator Services, Inc. to exceed your expectations. With over 80 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry, we provide sales, service, and maintenance for commercial and residential elevator and escalator systems.

Effective Elevator Solutions Personalized for You

We also help to design and devise ways to help people reach their destination in the least possible amount of time by using a unique grouping system. When people are grouped together based on the floor they are traveling to, the number of stops reduces and the efficiency of elevator traffic in a building is significantly improved.

So when you opt for this unique grouping system as you choose a new elevator in DC, you have the advantage of several benefits: there is less waiting and less travel time for visitors and occupants of a building and even lower utility bills.

Your Safety Is Our Concern

As you examine various options for a new elevator in DC, remember that Maryland Elevator Services provides you top-notch products backed with stringent quality control and the best in periodic inspections. Our technicians are highly trained in each aspect of installation, operation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of elevators; meeting and even exceeding industry standards.

Whether you're looking for new products and processes to aid in modernization, or looking for parts for new or old elevators, we have a range of options for you to choose from. These are options that assure safe and efficient operation; options backed by random periodic inspection by our Quality Control staff that is trained in accordance with the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities (NAESA).

You are assured of safe and efficient operation, maintenance, and repair of elevators and escalators by Maryland Elevator Services. Our 2800 sq.ft. warehouse stocks new and used parts as well as many obsolete and hard to find parts necessary for maintaining older installations.

Give us a call at 1-301-261-3161 to learn more about your options for installing a new elevator in D.C. or visit us at 2147 Priest Bridge Drive, in Crofton. MD.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Maryland Elevator Services

Beyond giving everyone an easier way to get around, we understand that escalators and wheelchair lifts are also irreplaceable supports for anyone with handicaps or injuries that can impair mobility. However, these lifts are only valuable for as long as they operate without breakdowns. That's why you need top-quality escalators installed and maintained by true professionals in order to get the most out of your investment.

Because we truly value quality control, Maryland Elevator Services, Inc. is well-known for offering premier escalator repair in VA and wheelchair lifts in DC along with complete installation and maintenance services.

We offer real reliability with an industry-leading track record of quality service.

According to the
Better Business Bureau, Maryland Elevator has never received any complaints ever since our grand opening in 1988. Therefore, we have become the brand of choice for escalator repair in VA services and for wheelchair lifts in DC as well.

The secret of our top-quality work lies in our well-trained experts.

Unlike many other businesses, Maryland Elevator only employs thoroughly trained service technicians with certification from the International Union of Elevator Constructors, also known as the "IUEC." More than 100 years of practical experience in the elevator and escalator industry have made the IUEC an influential organization that works with the National Elevator Industry Education Program, or "NEIEP," to provide expert training for this trade. The NEIEP educational trust offers an apprenticeship program only for qualified applicants who first pass the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test and have a successful personal interview. The training developed by the NEIEP is so thorough that apprentices in these courses also become eligible to receive official college credit for their NEIEP studies at schools like Goddard College, Ivy Tech Community College, Thomas Edison State College and the Community College of Baltimore County. The Washington and Baltimore locals that we employ must attend the standard five-year industry training course from the NEIEP before they receive an official IUEC Mechanic Certification.

We raise the bar for the elevator and escalator industry.

All of our installs and repairs meet or exceed national industry standards. Maryland Elevator operates under the direct supervision of two professional elevator inspectors holding official QEI certification, short for the "Qualification of Elevator Inspectors." Each inspector received training from the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, or "NAESA."

Furthermore, we maintain top-level equipment performance by subjecting each elevator and escalator project with Maryland Elevator to random inspections from our quality-control staff. Each surprise inspection assures that equipment operations remain safe and efficient.

Elevator Maintenance Requirements

To ensure optimal safety and operability, elevators must be serviced on a regular basis. Maintenance requirements for elevators in the United States are established by OSHA and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, or ASME, and different requirements are in place for older elevators as opposed to newer ones. In fact, the amount of extra work that goes into maintaining a much older elevator makes investing in a new elevator in DC a practical idea for many organizations. Considering the kinds of regulations that are in place on the state level, purchasing a newelevator in VA can help a business save a lot of money and hassle over the long run.


At the very minimum, an elevator should be inspected by a trained professional twice a year. The more frequently an elevator is used, however, the more often it should be inspected and serviced. During an inspection, a technician or contractor will carefully look over all of the components of the elevator. Special attention will be given to electrical components, which can cause the most problems when they malfunction. By proactively inspecting elevators in this way, contractors can spot potential issues while they are still minor and easy to fix.

Cleaning and Testing

To continue functioning properly, elevators must be cleaned on a regular basis. This is typically handled during routine maintenance which, as mentioned before, should occur at least twice a month. The technician wipes down all of the components and lubricates the ones that need it. Also, the elevator must be tested to ensure proper operation. Most notable, the electrical equipment is testing with tools like multimeters, amp meters and the like. If an anomaly is detected, the technician digs more deeply to get to the root of the problem and takes steps to resolve it.

Qualified Contractors are Required

Even if you just bought a new elevator in VA, it is going to need twice-monthly inspections and maintenance at the very least. This work must be performed by a qualified and reputable contractor. In addition to inspecting, cleaning, testing and otherwise maintaining your equipment, the right contractor can help you find a new elevator in DC when the need arises. Having the right connections is the best way to get a great deal on new equipment, allowing you to keep overhead to a minimum. As long as it's properly maintained, a new elevator will last for many years to come.

The Need for Change in the Elevator Industry

In a recent story from the New York Times, analysts and experts in the elevator industry expressed the need for several changes. Since the 1970s, there have been many occurrences of people being trapped inside of elevators during fires. Changes from the ADA in the 1990s yielded some improvements. However, there was still plenty of room for improvement. After the tragedy of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, the reality of people being trapped and helpless really hit home. Experts have been working since that time to come up with better solutions for better evacuation options.

Documentation about the collapse of the Twin Towers showed that about 1,000 people had problems using the stairs because of health conditions and disabilities from chronic illnesses. Elevators were a key component in saving many lives. From the actions they took in the minutes following the initial impact of the plane on the first tower, many people were able to escape using elevators and stairs. Experts analyzed the structure and provided their reports for proposed improvements.

Extensive review by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers of standards and codes inspired officials in New York City to consider some code updates. The updates would make it possible to use elevators for evacuation in the event of emergencies in large buildings. The proposed concepts show a significant change in the traditional idea that stairs are the best solution for all emergency situations.

Big cities in the region where there are tall buildings are expected to adopt several changes in the coming years. At 3 and 4 World Trade Center in New York City, the floors are raised in front of elevator doors. This protects the hoistways if water from sprinklers or hoses is flooding the floor. Emergency generator capacity was increased to allow longer service times for the elevator cars. With the new building plan, the cars stop at every floor. In addition to this, the hoistway walls were thickened to provide better protection.

If you are searching for new elevator DC or new elevator MD, it is important to keep evacuation features in mind. Old elevators should be replaced for the safety of everyone and to avoid tragic consequences. Do not waste hours searching the Internet for new elevator DC or new elevator MD. Contact MarylandElevator.com for the best and safest products and services to meet your specific needs.