Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Maryland Elevator Services

Beyond giving everyone an easier way to get around, we understand that escalators and wheelchair lifts are also irreplaceable supports for anyone with handicaps or injuries that can impair mobility. However, these lifts are only valuable for as long as they operate without breakdowns. That's why you need top-quality escalators installed and maintained by true professionals in order to get the most out of your investment.

Because we truly value quality control, Maryland Elevator Services, Inc. is well-known for offering premier escalator repair in VA and wheelchair lifts in DC along with complete installation and maintenance services.

We offer real reliability with an industry-leading track record of quality service.

According to the
Better Business Bureau, Maryland Elevator has never received any complaints ever since our grand opening in 1988. Therefore, we have become the brand of choice for escalator repair in VA services and for wheelchair lifts in DC as well.

The secret of our top-quality work lies in our well-trained experts.

Unlike many other businesses, Maryland Elevator only employs thoroughly trained service technicians with certification from the International Union of Elevator Constructors, also known as the "IUEC." More than 100 years of practical experience in the elevator and escalator industry have made the IUEC an influential organization that works with the National Elevator Industry Education Program, or "NEIEP," to provide expert training for this trade. The NEIEP educational trust offers an apprenticeship program only for qualified applicants who first pass the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test and have a successful personal interview. The training developed by the NEIEP is so thorough that apprentices in these courses also become eligible to receive official college credit for their NEIEP studies at schools like Goddard College, Ivy Tech Community College, Thomas Edison State College and the Community College of Baltimore County. The Washington and Baltimore locals that we employ must attend the standard five-year industry training course from the NEIEP before they receive an official IUEC Mechanic Certification.

We raise the bar for the elevator and escalator industry.

All of our installs and repairs meet or exceed national industry standards. Maryland Elevator operates under the direct supervision of two professional elevator inspectors holding official QEI certification, short for the "Qualification of Elevator Inspectors." Each inspector received training from the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, or "NAESA."

Furthermore, we maintain top-level equipment performance by subjecting each elevator and escalator project with Maryland Elevator to random inspections from our quality-control staff. Each surprise inspection assures that equipment operations remain safe and efficient.

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